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Javajawa operates all tours along java island including city sightseeing in jakarta , Organizing specifically any kind of holidays package including documentaries production and educational trips from the edge in west java to edge in the eastern of java, from just discovering the volcanoes until discovering the javanesse multi-cultures, from just enjoying the oldest temples until enjoying the landscape of java island. Javajawa has so many to offers. We are a truly Java Island Tour Operator, Jawa Indonesia Expert Tour Agent specializing in Jakarta Sightseeing Tour, West Java Bogor Bandung Tour, Central Java Semarang Dieng Solo Tour, Jogja Yogyakarta Tour, East Java Malang Bromo Ijen Tours, Banyuwangi Sukamade Kalibaru Tour and many more destination to discover in java [jawa] island.

Java Island|The Story

Java Island (Indonesian : Jawa) is the heartland of Indonesia. With more than 130 million people inhabiting , Java is one of the most populated places on the earth. No wonder that Java has become Indonesia’s political and economic epicentre throughout the history.

Java is home to Indonesia’s capital and to some 60% of its population. This huge population of 130 million or so is mostly made up of only 3 native ethnic groups, the Javanese, the Sundanese and the Madurese, making Java the least diverse region of the country culturally.

All this puts off some adventure-thirsty visitors, who think such a sea of teaming humanity is best skipped in favour of more exotic parts. Don’t despair: Java does have a lot to offer to anyone. For a start, its people have developed some of the most sophisticated culture, arts and architecture in Indonesia, with ancient temples like Borobudur and Prambanan, and court cities like Yogyakarta and Solo being the main tourist draws here.

Coming right behind is Java’s unparalleled collection of volcanoes, some 40 of them being active to this day, ensuring the fertility of the soil here that supports beautiful rice paddies and plantations of tea and spices wherever you look – outside the cities. As for those cities themselves, they are easily the most modern and numerous in Indonesia, offering great opportunities for shopping, nightlife and other worldly concerns.

The island of Java is administratively divided into six provinces: Banten, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Yogyakarta Special Region as called DIY, and Capital District of Jakarta.

The Most Five largest and most populous city in Indonesia are in Java, namely Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang and Bandung.

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