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Carita Beach / Rakata Island / Krakatau Island


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Krakatau dive tour
krakatau volcano island not only for climbing and tracking but also one of sopt for dive, diving at krakatau island is also intersting, mostly good visibility and warm water to those who love to dive in krakatau volcano island over new experience and exploration to know what is the volcanic power influance to the under water and some place also growing new coral reef and the green turtle often seen around the volcano island. Diving tour to Krakatau volcano island, the rocky islands forming the cratr of under water volcano in the sunda strait of west java, or in the water aroun the Ujung Kulon peninsula in south west java.

Karang Serang Rock or Batu Mandi
The rock, painted white by sea birds, mark the site of a dive off anak krakatau, the under water scenery conist of large blocks of vulcanic rock, seemingly shreered off by the blast. the cracked and sharp-edged rock make a west-facing submarine cliff look like the ruin of ancient greek temple. in the crevice of the rock, coral growth is begining. the visibility is fair to good 10 to 20 meters. school of Morish idols and other reef fish inhabit the area. and one occasionaly sees reef whitetip shark. the bright colors of empereo angel fish stand out strakly against the back ground of dark rock. on the south end of the site. the slab scenery is intrupted by growth of staghorn and table Acropora, some white blue-tinted tips. Around the rock to the east grow an astoningsih number of orange fan coral gorgonians. the smallest coverd three square meters, and largest, five squre meters the visibility drops here. because of the sandy bottom. Reef black tip shark patrols this area.

Rakata Island
This site. off the southeast end of Rakata, offers a nice drift dive. the steep side of the island prevent access. the depth here are modest, to just 25 meters, and the gentle current carries you east. the under water scenery is, again, slab, of volcanic rock a decent variety of small reef fish populates the shallower depths, and some of the crevices have been claimed by moray eels. green turtle are numerous at this site. in the 19th century before exploded, Krakatau island was common stop for sailor, who loaded up on turtles. an unusual feature of this dive are the many underwater trees, which have been cast from the island cliffs by land slide. this attract large school of fusiier and jacks.
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